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I wish I were a duck

Today, I had to leave the house. It's the last few torturous days of the summer school holidays. Hubster's been unwell. He's been on the couch watching countless Midsomer Murders since Thursday. The kids have been on their iPads least a week. Probably two if I'm honest. I should take them outside, get them… Continue reading I wish I were a duck


Australia Day 2017

Today is Australia Day. A public holiday. A day that is supposed to be filled with BBQ’d lamb, salads, friends and family. A day where we remember our history, dark though it may be. In 1770 Captain Cook landed in Sydney. If you live here, you’re well familiar with the story. Botany Bay, you know…… Continue reading Australia Day 2017


Running from the Beast

  Ellie is fleeing the city.  Her belongings are packed tightly into the boot and backseat of her small Volkswagen, some even in the passenger seat next to her.  Her breathing is quick and shallow as she zooms down the familiar highway, desperate to outrun the horror of the past week.  The images of Mike… Continue reading Running from the Beast


Lillith’s World

  Whatever she was supposed to do with her life, it wasn’t this. Lillith watched as her only child, a four-year-old boy, rocked back and forth, sitting on the rug in the living room.  She sipped her tea, resentful that this was her experience of motherhood.  Lillith called to him, ‘James,’ but he didn’t seem… Continue reading Lillith’s World