Golden Globes

The Golden Globes ceremony for 2018 was quite an event. I can’t tell you who won which award, but I know that there is a whirlwind of hatred spinning about James Franco, and unsurprisingly, a wave of love for Oprah.

I don’t know exactly when awards ceremonies became the launching place for speaking out about issues. The Golden Globes are supposed to celebrate the achievements of actors, men and women, who have commanded stellar performances in their field. Let’s be frank though, these actors are not exactly awarded for curing cancer. It is the entertainment industry. Certainly, it has a role to play. Movies and television can teach us about life, but that is about its limit.

I do not understand why society in general is so astonished that inappropriate and hurtful behaviours take place in an industry where fame is achieved through looks and lithe bodies, and the ability to lose one’s self and identity to morph into that of the character’s. Everything is fake: personalities, noses are altered, brows lifted, breast augmented, lips enhanced. Women don’t eat, in order to stay thin, and therefore, better able to compete for starring roles. Men and women alike spend their non-working days with personal trainers to get washboard abs and tight glutes. Cocaine is snorted at parties, along with any other type of recreational drug, no doubt to heighten pleasure as well as suppress appetites. There are no role models here.

The lure of working in this industry is massive. It’s attractive in all manner of ways. The top actors are enormously well-paid, there is nothing ‘normal’ about this line of work, there is no daily grind, no banal chatter at the water fountain with a boring person who happens to be the boss; actors are considered gods, their pictures sell magazines, perfumes, watches, vitamins. I imagine there are many, countless women (and men) out there who, in desperation to get noticed, to be chosen for THAT role, will do literally anything for it to happen. Including having sex with someone, who, in normal circumstances, will not turn an eye, let alone get clothes off. Anything to carve out the realisation of their dream. And then the dream turns to a nightmare. These women and men who freely gave of themselves in order to achieve fame and fortune, realise that they feel a bit yucky over the way they made their start. Well, duh! I’d wager that many of us in our past have had sex with someone who, um, was not, let’s say, up to par. I know I have. Sure it was a mistake, but it was a consensual act.

James Franco is a good-looking man, with a trim and fit body. I reckon there are hundreds of women who want to fuck him. I probably wouldn’t turn him down. The world revolves around sex. Between men and women. Women and women. Men and men, and many other combinations, some of which may even be unlawful in some countries. We are attracted to each other, and the way that attraction plays out is by bodies bumping and rubbing together.

I’m a bit over this whole feminazi, man-hating era. Feminism is about equal rights, not berating men for a pat on the bum, or a less-than-satisfying root with a fat and ugly, yet powerfully rich, man. Of course I understand that power comes into play, and some men abuse that power. Of course I get it. I don’t know how to fix that, but I highly doubt it is through wearing black and a pin to a ceremony. I can’t imagine how it can be fixed by a speech from Oprah. It certainly isn’t fixed through vitriolic and divisive comments. And there is no way it can be fixed by trying to change the past.

Let’s carve out a better future, one where we are equal and respectful of each other.


Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “Golden Globes”

  1. Great thoughts. I think back over my career, and I’m sure I was pretty flirty at work. It was very sexy to be working on projects with interesting men. They were flirty with me, too. If they had harassed me or made me uncomfortable or threatened my job in an effort to have sex with me, I’d be livid even though I would have been conflicted at that time over what to do. As this has gone on, I’ve thought back over that time, and I’m sure I could say #metoo, but it was a different time and I was probably as guilty as they were. And what I experienced was harmless. I also agree with you that the entertainment industry is a cauldron of power, narcissism and greed. There is art in there, too. But, it’s a heady mix that could cause all sorts of problems for interpersonal relations. I’m not surprised that it happens in regular society much less in the entertainment industry.

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