Strategies and plans

I admire people who have a strategy for life. Personally, I am the sort who bounces from one moment in life to another. I am not really a planner.

I bounced my way into a cult-like organisation over twenty years ago. I remember feeling as though I was a log caught in a river’s current, floating my way there, but completely out of my control. I did plan my way out, though, some six years later. It wasn’t really possible to get out without planning.

I stumbled into finding Hubster. We were introduced by my good friend, and true to her thoughts regarding us, we did actually connect, and we’re still together now, some seventeen years later. Interestingly, there was a man who I wanted to be with, years prior to meeting Hubster. I planned and strategised everything, but he never wanted me. Not truly. I was only a plaything.

I fell into university study, encouraged by Hubster. I enjoyed it, and did well, but I never planned to do it. If not for Hubster, I’d probably still be ignorant and stupid.

I am now in the job-seeking market. I do not have a strategy here either. I’m looking and applying and hoping.

There are some people I know who plan everything. And it all works out, exactly as planned. They strategise every aspect and minute detail. I admire them, like I mentioned earlier. But how does it work that way for them? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? What are the secrets to a strategy, those that actually comes to fruition?



8 thoughts on “Strategies and plans”

  1. The only reason the planners can say ‘it all comes out as planned’ is because the plan is always flexible enough to take ‘stuff’ into account. Anything rigid is prone to snap, break, or cause extreme pain. Be flexible, plan when necessary, but know it has to have places to enable a bit of bend or bow.

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  2. When it comes to work or money, I find that I plan everything down to the minutest detail. I mean, I am really obsessive-compulsive about it. Yet when it comes my personal life, I absolutely hate making plans. Making plans makes me feel trapped. Maybe three days ago, I thought it would be fun to go out with friends Saturday night only to find out on Saturday that I am simply exhausted and would much prefer to stay home in my pajamas.


  3. Planning isn’t for everybody. You either are a planner or you are not. I think it’s best to do what you feel has worked for you in the past. It may need a bit of tweaking if you feel that you’re planning may hinder or slow things down, but ultimately always go with what you know works for you. 🙂

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