Don’t be a loser

As humans, we sympathise with the plight of others. Those that we know, and those who are unknown to us, but have suffered through a natural disaster, or lost a child to the most horrific and extraordinary circumstances.

We feel their pain. We identify. We know that in the blink of an eye, our own life can turn and then we’ll experience hurt or loss or a disaster. We sit with friends over tea, or wine and our eyes brim with tears listening as they share. We rush to banks or the post office to make a monetary contribution to a GoFundMe account, to help raise funds for a foundation or to grant a wish for a trip to Disneyland.

This aspect of our social experience is necessary. It serves as a connector and a leveller. It is what makes us human, our ability to feel and grieve and love and sympathise.

The problem occurs when someone forgets the humanness of us all. When someone gets a bit cocky and starts to gloat over someone else’s pain. When that feeling, which should be grounded in sympathy turns to criticism or they choose to use the information to terrorise and destroy. People who engage in this sort of behaviour are losers. They are self-obsessed and ignorant of how to care. Don’t be like them. Let’s be the people who care.




7 thoughts on “Don’t be a loser”

  1. Your post is spot on! Sympathy should only be expressed when it comes from a place of caring and honest intentions.
    In my opinion the worst ones are the people who use someone else’s misfortune to make themselves look better. Offering their help/condolences only when there’s an audience watching.

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  2. If you are a human being living in the light, the whole purpose is to be connected to each other in positive and supportive ways: whether you are experiencing hurt or anger or fear; sharing those feelings attenuates the emotion and the recipients learn and become more compassionate. Bring something (negative) into the light and there’s a greater chance it can be minimized or obliterated. On the other hand, share your joy, love, kindness and the emotions expand for you and the recipients.
    People who live in darkness can only succeed in their ‘bad behavior’ if no one speaks up; this is what hateful people bank on, they want others to fear speaking up.

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