Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

I have been missing from here for over a week. Maybe some have noticed, maybe none have. I’ve been really busy and motivated. I’ll tell you why…

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended a writing masterclass in the city of Melbourne. I will return for the final two days tomorrow and Sunday. Last weekend was inspiring; to sit in a room with other writers, all keen to hotly pursue publication of their work and hear tales of knockbacks and breakthroughs was amazing (I hate the overuse of that word, but I’m slotting it in anyway).

But I was nervous. We all shared extracts of our work and gave feedback to each other. Reading other people’s work, before meeting them, was for me, particularly daunting. I believed my work was the least impressive, the writing lacked everything, and that everyone was better, more prepared, more experienced at this than me. Before entering the building I donned my costume: confidence, charm and affability. All to hide my true feelings underneath: I lack the goods in all areas.

You may be pleased to know I had a breakthrough. If I am prepared to work hard, cut the shit from my manuscript, rewrite, and BELIEVE, I may just get there. Not to brag or anything (OK, maybe just a little), the convenor of the workshop said of my work, ‘It is immediately publishable’.

*insert silent scream of joy, fear, horror and excitement*

So, I’m not wearing a costume when I arrive tomorrow. I’m just going as me. And that is enough, because I am enough.


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