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Proud Moment

Like The Carpenters, I am on top of the world.

Today, the U9 netball team, in which my daughter plays and I coach, won their second game. They have played only three competition games, so they are making a decent start. I watched from the sideline, sweating with pride and nerves (I think I sweat more as a coach than I ever did playing), and observed a group of girls who have picked up the skills and general understanding of the game very well.

They are becoming conversant. This shows in many ways: an understanding of each third, and which positions are permitted into those thirds; an awesome grasp of keeping their feet still while in possession of the ball; making space in order to make passing easier; and calling out for the ball to be passed when they are free. Of course, there’s more skills that they each display and I am super proud.

And, flipping from coach to mum: I am over-the-moon that my girl, in GS this week, scored three goals for her team.




9 thoughts on “Proud Moment”

      1. Sort of similar to basketball, but heaps more rules. Court same size as basketball, divided into thirds, 7-a-side, goal ring similar, smaller and no backboard, can’t bounce the ball and can’t travel when holding ball. Hard on knees and ankles with stop-starts. It’s the team sport with the most number of registered participants here in aus. Huge!! Played to highest level here and in NZ England, South Africa and many other countries.

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