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I'm thinking a lot about my life some twenty years ago. It's unsurprising really, given this is the focus of the manuscript that I'm currently writing. That whole period in my life was a compromise I wasn't willing to make, yet I chose, freely and without coercion, to do it. Such is the juxtaposing power… Continue reading Compromise


Like a writer

At my writing workshop over the weekend, I made a promise to myself to write 500-1000 words every day on my manuscript. And so I did. I dropped the kids at school, walked to the gym, went about my program, came home and sat down to write. I left the computer a few hours later,… Continue reading Like a writer


Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

I have been missing from here for over a week. Maybe some have noticed, maybe none have. I've been really busy and motivated. I'll tell you why... Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended a writing masterclass in the city of Melbourne. I will return for the final two days tomorrow and Sunday. Last weekend… Continue reading Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

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Fickle friends

You know those times when you think you've got someone sussed? You're good friends, you have shared interests, dislikes, laughs. And then, it changes quickly. And you're left bewildered. This happened to me quite recently. I was blindsided by it, shocked by the shifting of blame, hurt by the dissolution of a friendship. At my… Continue reading Fickle friends


A phone call in the library (short fiction)

  'Sign me up!' The words shot through the otherwise quiet library. A few heads snapped into the direction of the voice, looking disarmed and annoyed. Sarah-Jane, the interrupter of the calm atmosphere, looked around guiltily. She held her phone to hear ear; its ring had been on vibrate, and she'd spoken in hushed tones,… Continue reading A phone call in the library (short fiction)