Bowling into Cricket

Currently, in Australia, most of the population is frantic with news of cheating within the Australian Cricket Team. Frankly, I could not be less interested. The game is boring, akin to watching paint dry. It is played mostly by men who, because they show skill and sporting prowess, believe themselves to be greater than the… Continue reading Bowling into Cricket

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I am not the successful candidate for the job I was interviewed for last week. I would like to be able to say the disappointment is on the micro level. It's more macro though, a wholehearted sense of dismay. But...time to move on to a more positive note: my manuscript is now sitting at 30,000… Continue reading Disappointment

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A day unfolding

Today has flown by. It's almost 2PM as I write this. But I have not sat idle, I've not been inefficient. After taking the kidlets to school, I went to the gym, walking there and back. Then, once home again, I supplied a sample of my writing to the place where I was interviewed for… Continue reading A day unfolding


The writers’ workshop

I sit in the room with other writers. They are about to give feedback on the extract I presented from my manuscript. I swallow my pride and mounting nerves, and wait to hear the blows: give-up-now, and your-writing-is-terrible. This type of feedback never comes. Instead, I am welcomed into a world of writers, engaging and… Continue reading The writers’ workshop