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A fact about me

Here’s a little snippet

A fact about dreary old me

I am nice and sweet,

I choose to be kind to all I meet.


I will give you all of me

You will have my respect,

My laughter, my support

And my friendship.


If something goes awry

Between us, I will make

Every effort to repair who

We once were. I will try


And I will try again. But I have a limit.

There’s only so many times

I can take your door being

Slammed in my face.


There’s a limit to

How often I’ll let you

Treat me rudely, coldly,

Poorly. And have no doubt,


You will know when you’ve

Pulled me to that limit.

Rest assured, I can treat you

Just as rudely, coldly and poorly.


And, your name will be used

As a character in a book,

And I might even kill that character

In a most merciless fashion.


6 thoughts on “A fact about me”

  1. Mine is the three chances because the first time might have been a mistake, but I warn; the second time is showing a lack of care, and I warn severely; the third time is a habit, and results in their loss of my response, ever again, to anything they offer.
    But I like the way you put it better than mine!

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    1. Yeah this person will now see my frosty side, no response ever. I have tried to get them to communicate with me, left the ball in their court but they are a choosing juvenile and immature outlook instead. So BAM, now it’s my turn to unleash my inner bitch. Shame really, as I did enjoy this person’s company and what I thought was friendship.

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