A captivating moment (short fiction)

The room was crowded. A bustle of new faces, a cacophony of voices, greeting and meeting.

She stood to one side, nervous. Wondering who to approach, what to say once she did make that move. She sipped her drink and smoothed down the front of her Little Black Dress. She turned her head ever so slightly, and saw him, and at the same time, his eyes met hers.

Oh, god, it was too much. She almost vomited at the cliche. But they were instantly attracted, moved towards each other, noiselessly, with a steady and certain pace.

‘Hey,’ he said.

‘Hi,’ was her pathetic response. She stared into his eyes. They were captivating. A deep sea-blue, and a mischievous glint as well.

The night might be fun after all, she thought to herself, as she smiled, big and bright.


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