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The pain of the day

By sitting to write this post, I provoke my own sanity, my patience and my body’s agility.

You see, I have had the privilege of doing some paid writing. As a freelancer, I try to avoid saying no to work. I’m thrilled, honoured and, if I’m honest, a little surprised that others pay me to write for them. I love doing it: the research, the structural and copy-editing and, of course, the writing itself.

However, my latest paid work has not been of the usual ilk. It’s time-consuming, frustrating and not paid by the hour. It took me the greater part of today, listening, typing, rewinding. But I am still happy to accept the work; I am still grateful for the experience and the opportunity. It’s just that after today, every part of me is aching, including my little finger on my right hand, which weirdly sits up in the air as I type, until I need to use it for the letter P or to press enter or backspace. My shoulders ache from not being at a proper desk. My legs ache from twisting one around the other in an ill-advised, yet subconscious, manner.

But, I love writing, I enjoy tapping away to create something from a blank screen, and I didn’t want to miss a post today. So here I am.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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