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When patience runs low

There comes a time for everyone when our patience runs out. I know that, for me, there are many different clues for when my patience is running low. The normal indicators and triggers, such as tiredness, hunger, kids ignoring me, are at the top of my list.

But what about those times when you’re on the receiving end of the loss of someone’s patience, those times when you know that someone’s about to lose it with you. How do you handle that? Do you feel fear, or do you become defensive: ‘It’s not my fault…’ Or does your own anger flare up and you engage in a fight where barbs are flying, jaws are snapping and biting?

To see someone lose their shit with you can be quite anxiety-provoking. You try not to stare as their face turns red, their eyes bulge and the words scream out of their mouth. You gauge if you can attempt to calm the person down, or if it’s a safer option to leave. Most of the time, the latter is the best option I think. Just walk away, give the person space. You then also have time to recollect, and think about your own role in the situation and how you might do things better next time.

I don’t know, though. I don’t have the answers. What do you think?









2 thoughts on “When patience runs low”

  1. Doesn’t it always depend on not just who it is, but how you are inside, and all the other little things? Easy to say walk away, probably usually the best thing to do, but what if it’s a situation where we can’t, or, if we do, could be more dangerous, what then?
    Three choices: fight, flight, freeze.
    The first response is more commonly freeze, but after a few seconds of serious consideration of life and death implications, one of the other two kicks in. And I’m not sure we can prepare exceptionally well for these responses. They are instincts, and unless we’re well-trained and highly experienced in a particular field where we deal with this stuff all the time, we won’t know what we’ll do until it’s happening.
    This is a serious question, and one I consider a lot when I put my [fictional] characters through their moments.

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    1. Thank you Cage for such a thoughtful response. I think you’ve actually put more thought into your reply than I did for my post! 🙂 You’re right, of course, it does entirely depend on all those things you mentioned. Thanks!

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