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Melbourne, Writing


Today’s word prompt is invisible. It makes me think of the song from the 1980s, by Alison Moyet:

Invisible. You treat me like I’m invisible.

When you get the need to flirt, you do the work

You just don’t care, how much it hurts.

So I’m going about my day, prepping for a job interview tomorrow (yes, that’s right!), writing more of my manuscript, doing the odd household chore, all with this song spinning in my head.

I think back to that time in my life, the 1980s, when my only worry was a teenaged boy treating me like I was invisible. Sure it was unpleasant and I thought my life would surely end, but in the scheme of things, not too taxing in terms of worries. Life was pretty good back then. It’s good now, too, albeit with loads more to worry about.

But I’m not invisible. And neither are you. So let’s not allow people to pretend that we are.



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