Bowling into Cricket

Currently, in Australia, most of the population is frantic with news of cheating within the Australian Cricket Team. Frankly, I could not be less interested.

The game is boring, akin to watching paint dry. It is played mostly by men who, because they show skill and sporting prowess, believe themselves to be greater than the sum of their parts. There’s something wrong with our world when we exalt shallow men to a higher plane. Oh, wait…hang on…what??

The latest cheating scandal shows us the spectrum of men whose talents went no further than the pitch. There’s the older ones (i.e. coach), desperate to win, at any costs. They’ve played the game at the highest level, to varying degrees of success, and now are desperate to cling to their halcyon days. They are driven to achieve greatness and so find sneaky, illegal and immoral ways to do so. Then, there’s the younger guys, who listen and read as the media proclaim them as the Next.Best.Thing. They have a smidge of talent, throwing a ball in a certain way so that it’s not actually a throw, or hitting said ball with a bat that is slightly larger than a toothpick. That’s pretty much it; they’re not curing cancer or changing the world.

So why then, is the majority of the population talking about this. I hear words like dismay and disappointment. I read articles where the journalist writes that they expected better, that our country is now experiencing a loss of belief in the players and the sport overall, which was once referred to as the Gentleman’s Game. I just don’t get it. We’re talking about boys who play with balls (pun intended), not people who are genuinely working hard to make the world a better place. It’s a sport, that’s all it is.

Anyhoo, I’m sick of hearing about this saga. I’m over people being shocked by it. Let’s move on and find something worthy of a frantic media maelstrom.


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4 thoughts on “Bowling into Cricket”

  1. The digging needs to be deeper – there’s a question on the underground of players that never sees the light of a microphone (pun intended): why is it that the majority of players selected into the Australian team play (or come to play) for the NSW state team? Does this imply something more, deeper, entrenched into the psyche that the rules only apply if …?

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    1. Cage, you unintentionally made me smile at your response. My brother always goes on about the majority of players coming from NSW and I thought it was based on him being a grumpy, whingey, old South Aussie…maybe he’s got a point! Anyway, like the way your brain works, always going deeper, not settled on surface level. And thanks for commenting, always appreciated 😎👊

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