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Today's word prompt is invisible. It makes me think of the song from the 1980s, by Alison Moyet: Invisible. You treat me like I'm invisible. When you get the need to flirt, you do the work You just don't care, how much it hurts. So I'm going about my day, prepping for a job interview… Continue reading Invisible

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I've just made a batch of Peanut Butter & Choc Chip bikkies for the kidlets' after-school snack. As I mixed the batter, I thought of my three little loves, coming home from school, always so STARVING. I placed spoonful dollops onto the baking paper, and finally pressed them gently with a fork. They were perfect,… Continue reading Life/bikkie


The lovers (short fiction)

A glimpse from under her lashes is all it takes. He knows that look, what she's thinking. He glances around, the room crowded with colleagues, friends and family.  There's no chance she means it. Not here, not at her own engagement party, surely. Before he knows what is happening, he moves toward her, as if… Continue reading The lovers (short fiction)

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When patience runs low

There comes a time for everyone when our patience runs out. I know that, for me, there are many different clues for when my patience is running low. The normal indicators and triggers, such as tiredness, hunger, kids ignoring me, are at the top of my list. But what about those times when you're on… Continue reading When patience runs low

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A wrinkle in time

My life is moving at breakneck speed. I look in the mirror and I see a face I barely recognise. Where did the young, pretty face of my twenty-year-old self go? Now I see a wrinkle here and there, baggy jowls and saggy chin. However, I am not complaining. This is a better set of… Continue reading A wrinkle in time