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A quick trip to Chadstone

I look around me. There are people everywhere, bustling to get from one place to another. The urgency and haste makes it appear, sometimes erroneously, as if they are rude. A bump, a knock, all without a considerate word or look. I look at the people. They are all living their lives, parallel to mine.… Continue reading A quick trip to Chadstone

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Into the light

I am in a dark tunnel, taking step after faltering step, and up ahead is a pinhead of light. A glimmer, pointing the way through, the way ahead. My steps are now purposeful, faster. The pale pinprick changes to stark white brightness. Its warmth reaches into the last metres of the tunnel and hugs me.… Continue reading Into the light

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My brain is splitting. The pain is a nasty disrupt to my writing. I find it hard to focus when there is a pounding heaviness in my skull. I am tired, due to said brain attempting to split open since the wee hours of the morning. I want to curl up and sleep. I can't… Continue reading Headache


Dark and light

  The little girl shrunk Her doll fell to the floor A shadow cast its sense Of fear and danger.   The room darkened The shadow grew to fill The entire space Heart pumped, loud.   The doll spoke to her 'Come to me and You'll be safe.' Obediently, she went.   The doll was… Continue reading Dark and light

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Wasting a day

Sometimes, in my rush to create a post, I write rubbish. This is one such time. I should be writing more of my manuscript, but I've hit a wall. Gah! I'll write through it, never fear. I have paid work to do, editing a paper for a journal, but I'm putting that off. I need… Continue reading Wasting a day