Dark and light


The little girl shrunk

Her doll fell to the floor

A shadow cast its sense

Of fear and danger.


The room darkened

The shadow grew to fill

The entire space

Heart pumped, loud.


The doll spoke to her

‘Come to me and

You’ll be safe.’

Obediently, she went.


The doll was right

She kept her safe

The shadow came, stomped

Through the room, and left.


Her heart, still loud,

Gave thanks to her doll,

A friend, a haven,

When she needed one.


Footsteps, closer.

But these brought no fear

The door opened with a

Luminescent glow.


The girl’s mum

Walked to her bed,

Finding it empty

Dropped tears on the pillow.


The girl crawled out

From the doll’s space

Of safety to clamber

Onto her mum’s lap.


More tears spilled

But these in relief

The shadow gone, and

Gone forever.


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