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My brain is splitting. The pain is a nasty disrupt to my writing. I find it hard to focus when there is a pounding heaviness in my skull.

I am tired, due to said brain attempting to split open since the wee hours of the morning. I want to curl up and sleep.

I can’t even blame the children for this headache. They are on school holidays (tail end folks – back to school on Tuesday. Yippee!), but are behaving themselves nicely at the moment. Sure, they’re on their iPads, so…parenting fail, but hey, at least they’re quiet.

Headache tablets have provided no relief. I’d take more but there aren’t more in the house, and I can’t bring myself to walk the short twenty metres (maybe?? I am no good at estimating distances) to my local Coles.

Disruptions to our routine, to our lives come in many forms. Mine is a common headache. It is a small annoyance, for sure, yet it is causing me to think about how we deal with these inevitable disruptions. Personally, I’m not dealing especially well.

I hope that today, you’re faring better than me.


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