Family, Melbourne

A quick trip to Chadstone

I look around me. There are people everywhere, bustling to get from one place to another. The urgency and haste makes it appear, sometimes erroneously, as if they are rude. A bump, a knock, all without a considerate word or look.

I look at the people. They are all living their lives, parallel to mine. I am fascinated by them, the pathways they are travelling. Rocky? Easy? Boring? Uplifting?

I make my purchase, quickly. I like it when shopping is this easy. I then stand in line for a coffee. It snakes behind me, another seven people deep. Angry faces, impatient faces. Two behind me leave; there are plenty of other places to buy a coffee. By the time I am served, the woman is flustered. Someone in front of me has been rude to her. I smile, ask how she is. She smiles back and lies to me: ‘Fine, thank you’.

I wait with those who’ve ordered before me. Some sigh; others, their bodies tell a story. All of us stare off into the distance while we wait. I take my coffee from the barista, smile and thank her. It’s a disaster: milky, weak and tepid but I drink it anyway.

I walk to my car. It’s time to go home.


Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

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