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My children thwart my plans for a tidy house. Only yesterday, I dusted, vacuumed and mopped. I put chair covers through a wash cycle, and placed a clean, fresh tablecloth on the dining table. Today, brekkie time here in Melbourne, I sit and watch them devour cereal and toast. There is already Vegemite smeared on… Continue reading Mumlyf



Churn. Such an old-fashioned word. But so descriptive. I see milk whipping around in a stainless steel bowl, churning for so long that it stops its fluidity and becomes a hard, yellow substance. You know, the yummy stuff that we like to slather on top of hot cross buns (or is that just me?). Yes,… Continue reading Process


At the nail salon

Eyes sparkling, hair shining A laugh that tinkles My girl is radiant.   Mum and daughter time A treat, special, fun My girl is radiant.   Fingers and toes glittering She smiles, says thank you My girl is radiant.     Photo by nic on Unsplash


Toxic odours (fiction)

The woman arrived, half an hour before the meeting started. ‘Hello?’ the woman called. ‘Hello?’ Eva was still organising everything in the kitchen, having discussions with Pauline, the sponge cake baker, about which was the best plate to serve the cake on. I walked to the foyer, following the direction of the voice. ‘Good morning,’… Continue reading Toxic odours (fiction)