Life and love and a wedding

On Saturday night, wearing my pyjamas and with prosecco in hand, I watched the Royal Wedding. I thought the whole shindig was classy and stylish. The day itself was magnificent: those clear blue skies and lush green surrounds, juxtaposed against the grey hues of the medieval castle provided a stunning backdrop as royals and celebrities made their way inside.

I know there is a myriad of opinions over the dress worn by the bride herself, now the Duchess of Sussex. I’ve heard some mean-spirited armchair critics talk about how plain and ugly the dress was. But, to me, Meghan’s dress was an example of understated elegance and so stylish and chic. I’ve also read more mean-spirited comments about her hair, particularly the wisp that kept falling from behind her ear. Folks, if that is something that has the capacity to annoy, I think you need to perhaps consider counselling.

The Duchess of Sussex was the epitome of class and calm throughout the ceremony. Her walk down the aisle was magnificent, with the page boys and flower girls following beautifully behind. When she was met halfway by her soon-to-be father-in-law, Prince Charles, I could hardly hold back tears. The chivalry shown in this moment left me speechless; the smile and mumbled greetings highlighted the depth to the level of respect between the two.

And of course, once she arrived at the front of the church, to be greeted by her prince, I saw only love and happiness. Their greetings to each other, Prince Harry’s nerves and uninhibited appreciation of the woman standing before him caused my tears to flow. Their chuckles and glances at each other showed an intimacy that can often be difficult for any couple to achieve. However, given the size of the congregation, the televised aspect of the wedding, and the fishbowl they’ve been living in since news broke of their relationship and later, engagement, their attachment and commitment to each other was obvious, commendable and also palpable.

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, showed grace throughout. I couldn’t help but feel for her, standing alone, the only member of the bride’s family present. Ms Ragland, a person of relative anonymity, was watched by billions around the world. She had been only recently introduced to her daughter’s new in-laws, a family who live a life of privilege and protocols. Ms Ragland was suddenly thrust into the limelight of British Royalty yet maintained her composure—alone—throughout the ceremony, and glowed with obvious pride in her daughter.

Once I learned why there was a spare seat on the Royal side, the tears gushed out of me. The two princes refuse to let their mum’s influence peter; that shows to me the depth of her love and commitment to them in their early, formative years, and it shows a humanness from the royals, too. For all the dirty laundry that was aired before and after Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ divorce, and its continuing effects up to her untimely death, I think The Firm have pulled up their socks and done right by Princess Diana’s two sons.

There’s not enough love in the world, I think. Well, maybe that is a rash statement; maybe there is enough love around us. Often though, I think we can all be guilty of hiding from it, or pushing it away, choosing instead to let narcissism override the enjoyment of a more positive emotion.

The ceremony on Saturday between Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle was a gorgeous reminder to celebrate love and enjoy life.


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