Rescue (short story)

A young girl stands, ready to leap. Her heart pounds; its beats thrum all the way to her fingertips. They itch and burn. Her eyes look down, she wobbles. Terror slices through her. 'Hey there.' A voice. Footsteps. 'Hey, can I help you?' Oh god, really? The footsteps quicken, thump-thump-thump, until the voice reaches her.… Continue reading Rescue (short story)

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Jumbling thoughts

I've been missing in action around my blog for a while now, over a week at least, I think. I've been checking in, but not writing here. Fear not, though, I have still been working on my manuscript. Recently, I've pitched to two different publishers, both expressed interest. So now I play the waiting game,… Continue reading Jumbling thoughts


A woman of delusion (short fiction)

He wipes his nose across the sleeve of his jumper. 'For the love of Christ have some manners!' his companion shouts. I sneak a peek their way. A couple, stooped with the heaviness of age, unsteadily cross the road. The woman continues, 'Bert, I don't know what to do with you.' 'Marion,' replies Bert. 'You… Continue reading A woman of delusion (short fiction)


The Couch (short fiction)

‘What about this one, love?’ Mum asked. I moved to where she was standing, pointing. ‘Mmm, it’s OK, I guess. Not sure yet,’ I responded. Mum pursed her lips into a cat’s bum, narrowed her eyes but refused to move away from the couch. We were at Myer’s Good Buy Warehouse on Ballarat Road. The… Continue reading The Couch (short fiction)