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Writing my way back

I’m feeling a little low today. Dull, ordinary, and lost. Flummoxed to the reason, as well.

On the upside, Hubster is home, and offered to take me to lunch. While eating and chatting at a fave local cafe, he asked about my blog, noting I hadn’t written anything for while. I mumbled a reply about the daily prompt ending and this new, rag-tag daily prompt commencing, but I hadn’t actually got round to writing anything. It sounded feeble even to my own ears, and was enough to spur me into action. Once home, I opened the laptop and started. OK, so this might not be my best-ever post, it might not contain any pearls of wisdom or ways to cure the ills of the world, but writing it has proved to hold healing qualities.

I haven’t written daily for about four weeks. There is a reason, a legitimate and exciting one, but…it’s only an excuse. Because I’ve neglected writing, I feel like I’ve come adrift. It’s the way I sort out the jumble of me. Without it, I feel dull, ordinary and lost. By tapping away at this post, I immediately feel more connected and centred.

I don’t know what works for you. It might be writing, or singing, or walking or gardening. But whatever you need to connect, please keep doing it.


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3 thoughts on “Writing my way back”

  1. Writing, writing, writing – whether truth, fact, partials or pretends – the words, the words, many-many-many words to make up the story of this life … I’m suffering a slump too, but I use the first stage process to ‘inspire’ a return to writing many words. I hope you write through, too. See you on the other side of the hump.

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  2. Writing is one of those truly mind and mood altering experiences. You can write a story and put all your angst into a character and be able to view your own angst from an outsiders point of view. How magical is that!? Writing, listening to Music and spending time in nature are my three best things to get out of bad mood, or enhance a good one. 🙂

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