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What comes to my mind when I think of the word smorgasbord?


Remember that restaurant? The hideous buffet? God knows what germs were lurking in those salad and dessert bowls. God knows who had poked their dirty fingers in said bowls. I think it’s still around in some states but thankfully, here in Victoria, we’ve moved on from thinking Sizzler was the epitome of fine dining.

As a teenager, living in Adelaide with my parents, we frequented the local Sizzler. I can see why. My parents did not have a huge disposable income, and with three children any place that offered all-you-can-eat for a budget price must have looked good. Plus, my mother HATED cooking, and it showed—there was no love in her dishes, as spruiked by any current or past Masterchef contestants—so the option of heading out for dinner was a joy for us all. Even then though, I was disturbed by the buffet. The dried out pasta salad, the sloppy coleslaw, the quick-to-disappear chocolate mousse (clearly not as many diners cared about the likelihood of salmonella in desserts) all led inevitably towards a nasty bout of food poisoning. But, a bout of food poisoning could lead to a day off school. A silver lining, perhaps?

So, for me, today’s daily ragtag word prompt was a negative word association game, I suppose. But it got my mind ticking over, my memory into overdrive and my fingers tapping, writing something.

What’s happened in your corner of the world today? What has helped or hindered you to achieve a goal? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you…

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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