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On hearing no

There is no zing in my step today. All positivity drained from my system on reading one email that stated, 'good, but it's not quite right for us'. I know it's to be expected. I understand that every writer goes through this. I am trying not to take it personally. Wow, it hurts though, like… Continue reading On hearing no

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Time is fluid, ticking, precious. This might seem obvious, but most of us take it for granted. I know I do. On Thursday of this week, I will start a job. It's part-time, during school hours, so I'll still have time to write my manuscript and dabble here on my blog, as well as all… Continue reading Time

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A cloudless sky

There are no clouds in the sky. The day is bright, it holds promise for better days ahead. It is chilly, but fine. A light breeze whispers through trees and caresses the washing on the clothes line. Inside, brightness streams through my window, reminding me that dark days threaten and lurk, but sun and wind… Continue reading A cloudless sky


The Watcher (short fiction)

'Mummy!' From my vantage spot, I see a young girl call to her mother, running with her arms open. The woman does likewise and they collide with a force of love, so strong it brings tears rolling down my cheeks. I wonder again, why I am here in the park. A place where women bring… Continue reading The Watcher (short fiction)

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Miracles Happen

Twelve boys from a soccer team, and their coach, are now freed from their underground cave experience, some eighteen days after going missing, and nine since they were discovered, alive, in the subterranean system. How is that for a good news story? If this doesn't make you happy, I'd be willing to wager that you're… Continue reading Miracles Happen