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A cloudless sky

There are no clouds in the sky.

The day is bright, it holds promise for better days ahead. It is chilly, but fine. A light breeze whispers through trees and caresses the washing on the clothes line. Inside, brightness streams through my window, reminding me that dark days threaten and lurk, but sun and wind and cloudless skies will always return.

Inevitably, we spend time in our lives behind dark clouds. Gloominess sits like a heavy blanket. Fear and anxiety lingers around every corner, jumps out when opening cupboards or the fridge door. Remember that a light breeze will sweep in, blowing away the darkness, shooing the clouds to reveal the blue sky of brighter days.

Be grateful, listen as your heart beats its thanks.


Photo by Noah Baslé on Unsplash
*Please note: this is not intended to belittle anyone with mental health issues, or their experience. The post is describing moments of sadness or worry due to life’s topsy-turvy nature.

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