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Words to live by

'I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want.' I know it's a Spice Girls song, so try not to roll your eyes and move on too quickly. My mind was whirring about on discovering today's word prompt and it kept clunking back to this song. Or rather, this line from the song.… Continue reading Words to live by

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A Moment of Tenderness

Today, after finishing work, I walked to the tram stop. As usual, I checked the app on my phone to see how long my wait might be; I was only slightly perturbed when I saw it would be thirteen minutes. It was around then that I noticed there was an urgent message from the private… Continue reading A Moment of Tenderness

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Today, I find the daily word prompt interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it makes me think of the great Aretha Franklin, who passed away yesterday. She was a powerhouse, an all-round class act, with a fabulous voice to match. The world is greater for her presence in it, and sadder for her passing. Secondly, and… Continue reading R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


A rainy outing (short fiction)

Arabella blew into her hands. Her fingers tingled, the tips blue. Damn, should've worn my gloves, she thought as she lifted her head to check the road. The road was busy. It was peak hour. A tram clunked down the street, cars backed up behind it, their glowing headlights beaming through the darkness. Rain teemed… Continue reading A rainy outing (short fiction)



At the ridiculous hour of 3.23AM, with my alert mind working overtime, I had the best plan for my manuscript. It was brilliant. The new plan required huge structural changes, but I could see how effective it would be. Three parts in a neat, linear time frame, instead of the jumbled and somewhat confusing flashbacks.… Continue reading Changes