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The world around me

I sit here at my dining table, with a bowl of fresh-off-the-stovetop cauliflower and pumpkin soup for lunch, and contemplate the world around me.

Here’s what I think:

  • It’s quiet, blissfully so right now. The serenity feels contagious. I could happily wave a wand to bestow a sense of peace to anyone who walks past my front door. You see, my twin boys are on a school camp, leaving me and Hubster with only our daughter at home with us. And she is a delight, most of the time. Certainly, when her brothers are absent, her delightful nature increases in huge, leaping increments.
  • We need more acts of kindness. Yesterday, on my tram ride into work, I shared part of my journey with female passenger, aged somewhere in her 50s, who undoubtedly suffered from a mental illness, or perhaps it was just bone-chilling loneliness. Anyone who sat near her, she spoke to. Nothing nasty, in fact it was all very complimentary and kind, but she was relentless. A young, pretty woman sat across from her, and was immediately complimented on her foundation, her hair, her eyeshadow, her fashion sense, and her youthfulness. The young woman in return treated her with great respect, answering a number of intrusive questions politely, and thanking her for compliments. She did all the right things. She clearly wanted the woman to stop talking to her, and often tried to divert her by reading something on her phone, but the woman persisted. When I disembarked the tram, I wanted to applaud the young female passenger for her kindness to the woman.
  • We should play more. What does play mean to you? Sports? Scrabble? Music? Children? Down time? Whatever it means, I think adding a dose of it to our daily regime would lead to better-lived lives.
  • The past matters and it doesn’t. I have recently come smack-bang, face-to-face with someone from my past. Naturally this conjures up feelings and memories from that time in my life and I am all a-jumble. My past led me to where I am now, and who I am now, so it matters in that sense. But my past feelings of inadequacies, self-doubts and torments do not. I am stronger and wiser than the me of twenty years ago.

Now, my soup is finished and my meandering thoughts are captured. Have a great day, folks!


Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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