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A Moment of Tenderness

Today, after finishing work, I walked to the tram stop. As usual, I checked the app on my phone to see how long my wait might be; I was only slightly perturbed when I saw it would be thirteen minutes. It was around then that I noticed there was an urgent message from the private tram provider noting a disruption to the service along St Kilda Road. I looked down the tracks and saw not a single tram in the distance.

This could be a problem.

Ever since starting work, I have been able to either pick the kids up from school, or be in the house when they arrive after dawdling home. I wasn’t going to pull it off today. I rang a friend from the school mum network but got no answer. I then called the school and left a message with the front office staff to take to my kids: ‘Mum won’t be home when you get there. Remember the alarm is switched on. The code is…’

Feeling slightly better, I waited. And waited. No further word about the disruption. Still no trams in sight.

My phone rang, it was my school mum friend, seeing a missed call and checking to see what she could do to help. I explained the problem and told her I’d been able to get a note to the kids, and they should be fine. Hubster and I had briefed them, in case anything like this happened. A few minutes later, I received a text message from her: a photo of my kids, with a text saying they’re fine and on their way home.

Ten minutes later, there was still no sign of a tram. Another waiting passenger, who’d struck up a conversation with me during our wait, asked if I wanted to share a taxi, given we were going in a similar direction. I nodded. She hailed a oncoming taxi and we hopped in. Ten minutes later, the taxi driver dropped me off near my house, I bade farewell to my travelling companion, and walked the short distance home.

I arrived to find my three cherubs safe and sound in the house. I hadn’t even got myself properly inside before they asked about a snack! Situation normal.

I’m feeling many tender thoughts right now. I’m overwhelmed with love and admiration for my children, who handled the whole incident with aplomb and as if it wasn’t an incident at all. I’m appreciative of the school mum network; someone is always there who can be relied on to look after or watch over my kids, if need be. And of course, that is reciprocated. I’m proud of my kids’ school and I can relax in the knowledge that the staff, both teaching and admin-based, care for my kids. I’m content; most of the time, strangers are kind and willing to reach out.

A garbled, rushed post today, but the sentiment is there. Try a little tenderness!

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