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Words to live by

‘I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want.’

I know it’s a Spice Girls song, so try not to roll your eyes and move on too quickly. My mind was whirring about on discovering today’s word prompt and it kept clunking back to this song. Or rather, this line from the song.

‘I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want.’

How is that for articulate? If we all just followed this simple philosophy to convey our needs and wants I wonder if the world might be better off. What if we told our partners what we really wanted. What if we told our managers what we really wanted in our work life. What if we told our friends too.

Of course, I am not advocating selfishness or rudeness here. By telling someone what we want, in a helpful and selfless manner, and allowing space for that person to echo their needs back, we are communicating in the best possible way.

Communication is key. We often are guilty of fumbling with jargon or inane chit-chat. Imagine what society would be like if we all knuckled down and became articulate, if we could be eloquent in our speech. Deliberate and thoughtful, choosing our words carefully. Awesome, right?

It’s not easy. Many communication experts already note that most of the time, when in conversation with someone, we are thinking about our responses and therefore not truly listening to the speaker. But like anything, we get better at communicating if we practice. We can become articulate.

Listen hard. Choose words wisely. Live your best life.


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