The stories of migration are fascinating. I find it hard to comprehend packing up a life, a home and migrating to another country. A country where you don't speak the language, or understand the culture. A country where you are regarded as strange or wrong or out of place, just because you are different. Migrants… Continue reading Migration

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What motivates me to write? What inspires me? I get inspired by nothing and everything. Sometimes it's as simple as an overheard conversation, or the way someone throws a look to another. It can be something from my past, a seed, memory that niggles and won't let me rest. Often, inspiration springs from people-watching. Other… Continue reading Inspire


An escape that led home

She drove for hours, the road stretched on behind her in the rear vision mirror. Desperate to outrun the city, him and all those memories. The black ribbon of road unfurled itself straight ahead with nothing but vast expanses of land on either side. Occasionally, she saw a cow or sheep. A hay bale. A… Continue reading An escape that led home


One random Sunday

*Extract from my manuscript, Blood and Fire: Losing Faith in God's Army, a work of fiction, sprinkled with elements of memoir.   Major Green was nearing the end of his sermon. ‘Folks,’ the major said. ‘Can I remind you of the price Jesus paid for your sins? He suffered and died hanging on a cross.… Continue reading One random Sunday

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Spring holidays

In Melbourne, we are approaching the spring holidays. This might sound lovely. It might conjure up images of flowers and sunshine. Or green grass and flowing, pretty dresses and ice cream. I urge you, don't get sucked in. It's not all wine and roses. In my home, school holidays look more like a frazzled mum… Continue reading Spring holidays