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The past few days here in Melbourne have been beautiful. Spring is here, and I think everyone feels a little lighter, brighter as we shrug off our winter blankets. There is an energy force that is stirring everyone.

I actually like winter. I don’t mind the cold weather and I think Melbourne has a needlessly bad reputation for its winter months. I think it’s the season of chic style: hats and coats, scarves and boots, are all so classy. But there’s something about the appearance of the sun, blue skies and gentle breezes that instils a collective friendliness. People smile more. Strangers make small talk getting off trams. The world and humanity in general seems nicer. And there’s something about washing hanging on the clothesline…it smells fresher, perhaps?

Personally, I feel positivity and happiness toward the coming days. The cynic in me wants to delete those words, aligning such with inciting negativity to come instead. But I am going for it. The energy around me is tangible and welcoming in its force, so I will fall back into it and let it catch me.

How’s your energy today? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Spring”

      1. Last Thursday it was –6.2 °C at 5 am. I expect between now and Melbourne Cup we’ll see a few more subzero mornings and plenty of frost.
        Tomato growers are warned about attempting to grow tomatoes between ANZAC day and Melbourne Cup day. That’s the Canberra frost season.

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