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What motivates me to write? What inspires me?

I get inspired by nothing and everything. Sometimes it’s as simple as an overheard conversation, or the way someone throws a look to another. It can be something from my past, a seed, memory that niggles and won’t let me rest. Often, inspiration springs from people-watching. Other people are fascinating, the way they live their life provides me with hours of entertainment, thoughts and ideas for plots. Other writers inspire me. Words inspire me; love, the past and the future are all sources of inspiration.

Now, motivation, that is different. I am motivated to write for many reasons. Stories within that I want to come out, or stories within that are forcing their own way out. I am motivated to write because writing makes sense of me, and to me. It sorts out my thoughts, makes me cohesive and clear; I don’t think I could verbally string a sentence together if I didn’t write.

What about you? What inspires you, motivates you?


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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