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No place like home

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. Over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, I went to a writers' workshop. I gathered with like-minded individuals who work hard to hone their craft. You know the kind? The ones whose eyes don't glaze over when you start talking about your writing?… Continue reading No place like home

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The leaves are not dead. Here, we have the opposite: blooms, bees, warmth, sunshine. Halloween in daylight savings. Weird. My feet are dead though. I picked my kids up from school and haven't stopped since. They quickly readied themselves for trick-or-treating. We had a quick stop-off at a neighbours to share in their party, then… Continue reading Halloween

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Raising the flag of ire

At what point do you fight back? When you've been hurt by someone, when they continually try to blame you for their own stupidity or error, at what point do you stop being the better person, and decide to hit back? For most of this year, I have put up with unfair and juvenile treatment… Continue reading Raising the flag of ire

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Don’t be knob

Are you a good sport? What does it mean to you, to be a good sport, I wonder. When you play sport, do you spit attacks at the opposition or other team members, or the umpire? What about when you lose, how do you respond? How we react in sporting environments is closely related to… Continue reading Don’t be knob