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Chill pill

Driving down our street can often be problematic. At one end, our street intersects with a main arterial road, where there is a vibrant shopping strip equipped with a local Coles and Dan Murphy’s. The other end is a private hospital.

Traffic is constant. Drivers are frantic. Parking spots are fought over. Stop signs totally ignored. Frequently, a truck is attempting to reverse into the Coles loading bay. At the hospital end, trucks are the new black due to a huge new wing being added to the hospital.

It’s not uncommon for nerves to be frayed.

This afternoon, my family saw a near-miss. A driver was pulling out of the Coles car park, looked to his right, but must have assumed an on-coming car was turning left into the car park. The car didn’t turn left, but continued on, narrowly avoiding a collision with the outbound vehicle. The second driver leaned on his horn. The first driver stopped his car, got out and slammed the door behind him, angrily striding up to the second person. Pedestrians stopped and stared, horrified. Families encouraged children to look away and keep walking, as the driver of the first car yelled and waved his arms in anger.

One of my sons was keen to know who was in the wrong (he has a strong sense of ‘justice’ this boy). Both Hubster and I pointed out that it was probably the first driver for failing to give way, but we couldn’t be certain as we didn’t witness every single action. We didn’t know if the second driver used his indicator, or changed his mind at the last minute.

Regardless of who was in the wrong, the first driver showed some pretty unhinged behaviour by getting out of his car and shouting at the other guy. It shouldn’t have happened. The man should have just waved a ‘sorry’ signal and kept on driving.

We need to relax and calm the f*ck down. Don’t you think? We’re all guilty of doing the wrong thing. I know I am. But let’s remember that we’re in this life together. We cross paths with others every second of every day. Some are idiots, certainly. Some are keepers, sure. Let’s just try to treat everyone with respect and not bowl them over with overt anger.

What might the world look like, if we tried a little harder to be nice?

Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

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