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Today’s word prompt is ‘rugged‘.

What do I think of when I hear the word rugged? Polar opposites. Either a man who is described as ruggedly handsome; scraggy, unkempt, yet exceedingly good to look at. Or, I think of a song from my church days describing the ‘old rugged cross’.

What does this say about me? That I’m screwed over by brainwashing aspects of organised religion? And that my eye is easily attracted to a good looking man?


Or perhaps it’s just the fact that words are loaded for us all. They hold us, transport us, empower us, and enlighten. They give us wisdom and knowledge. They are fun and funny, sad and frightening.

Words hold power. Words can be weapons.

I think back to my childhood days. A taunt from a brother that left an indelible mark. My mum, whose spoken words regarding her own self esteem and body issues imprinted their scorching brand into my own pysche. I think of the movie Pretty Woman, that famous scene where Vivian and Edward are talking in bed. Edward says to her that he thinks she’s a very bright woman. Her response is, ‘the bad stuff is easier to believe’.

Mind what you say. Ears can hear. Heads can misinterpret. Hearts can believe.


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