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A blast?

I sit in my car. It’s parked on a main road, nearby the kids’ school. I’m too early to collect them and there is not really enough time to go home. I wait.

I feel rotten. I’ve been holding a head cold at bay for about two weeks. Yesterday I finally came to the conclusion that it was more than just a cold. Sore ears, dry, hacking and persistent cough. I went to the doctor and I am now on a course of antibiotics.

I went to work today. Sure, I probably should’ve stayed home but I thought that I’ve been working as per normal at home so I could do so at work too. Right? Wrong.

As I coughed my way through my workload, I was encouraged to go home. Questions like, ‘Should you be here?’ were met with ‘I feel fine. I just sound bad’. My last two hours were supposed to be in a meeting. One hour in, I gave in finally. I excused myself, apologising profusely that everyone been exposed to the rather unpleasant sound of one coughing every two minutes.

I chuckled when I read the daily word prompt: blast. My first thought was ‘have a blast!’ Nup, not me. Not today.

Time to rest up, methinks.


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