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Don’t be knob

Are you a good sport? What does it mean to you, to be a good sport, I wonder.

When you play sport, do you spit attacks at the opposition or other team members, or the umpire? What about when you lose, how do you respond? How we react in sporting environments is closely related to how we are in life.

Have you noticed this? The person on the court who fires up at his team mates over a dodgy kick or pass is usually the same person who treats wait staff badly when they bring a flat white instead of latte. Interestingly, this person is also the type who teases and taunts others until they crack. Then, once the crack splits wide open, he continues to make sport of them, laughing and cajoling, or saying something along the lines of ‘It was just a joke!’

I’ve encountered many of these in my lifetime. Knobs, they are.

Don’t be a knob. The world hardly needs more knobs. Be a good sport.


Photo by tommy bebo on Unsplash

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