A chance encounter (short fiction)

Molly crossed the road, not actively looking as she did. She jumped in fright at the sound of the horn from an oncoming car. Her heart pumped fiercely, her fingers tingled and every part of her burned. Safely on the footpath, Molly breathed in deeply through her nose, and exhaled through her mouth. She smoothed… Continue reading A chance encounter (short fiction)

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A blast?

I sit in my car. It's parked on a main road, nearby the kids' school. I'm too early to collect them and there is not really enough time to go home. I wait. I feel rotten. I've been holding a head cold at bay for about two weeks. Yesterday I finally came to the conclusion… Continue reading A blast?

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Wedding memories

On Thursday, Hubster and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I remember the day of the wedding. A beautiful spring morning greeted the bridal party as we left my apartment for the hairdresser. There I was transformed from an ordinary woman into a stunning bride. The bridal party then went to my friends' home… Continue reading Wedding memories

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Today's word prompt is 'rugged'. What do I think of when I hear the word rugged? Polar opposites. Either a man who is described as ruggedly handsome; scraggy, unkempt, yet exceedingly good to look at. Or, I think of a song from my church days describing the 'old rugged cross'. What does this say about… Continue reading Words

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Owning it

Women are hung up on their bodies. Generally speaking, of course. I'd like to be able to state that I am one woman who doesn't fret about my body shape, or weight. But that would be an outright lie. I have body image issues. Even twenty-odd years ago, when I was twenty-odd kilos lighter, I… Continue reading Owning it