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Rosie and the bird

I watch as my cat settles into stealth mode. She's eyed a bird who's blissfully pecking at something in the soil, unaware of the lurking danger. Rosie, our cat, is also unaware of the latched screen door that will prevent her from an attacking leap. I sit at my laptop crunching away at my salad,… Continue reading Rosie and the bird

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Let’s sparkle

The sky here in Melbourne has just turned from a dull and ugly grey to snippets of blue brilliance. And then back to dull again. It's a real Melbourne kind of day, I guess. I can't help but wonder, what does brilliance mean to you? Do you think of a sparkly diamond, or sporting prowess?… Continue reading Let’s sparkle


Walk of shame (short fiction)

My mind returned to Martin and me, the night before, lying next to each other, his bedsheets a tangled, sweaty mess. I’d shut my eyes, nestled into him, on my side with my arm bent to hold up my head. My hair fell to his face. I felt his breath as he blew it away.… Continue reading Walk of shame (short fiction)

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Crash Bang Boom

Victoria went to the polls yesterday. I'm not much into politics, to be honest. I don't think either Labor or the Liberals/Nationals are much chop. Most politicians are only out to feather their own nest. I don't see much evidence of working for the best outcomes for constituents. I don't truly understand how the preference… Continue reading Crash Bang Boom

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Being grateful

Quite extraordinarily, online and retail outlets here in Australia are having 'Black Friday' sales. Don't misunderstand me, I am grateful for the percentage off (although, having said that, I've not purchased a single item in this sale). I'm just perplexed as to why we're suddenly having Black Friday here. My understanding is that Black Friday… Continue reading Being grateful