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In the past

The past was a place of gaiety and happiness. The past was full skirts, shorts and long socks. The past was filled with chivalry, kindness and respect. It was a time where scarcity meant being grateful, where information was sought by mental acuity. The past was where rivers ran wild and fast, where the sky was bluer and the rains were fresher.

The past was all those things and more. But the past was also filled with hardship and loss. The past represents a dark time for some. A time where all voices weren’t heard. A time where scarcity meant being scared, hungry, cold and alone.

In many ways, life is not better now, nor is it worse. It’s different. Technology has made things easier: communication, information, travel. But technology is also responsible for the negative side of ushering ease into our everyday lives. We are hounded by information: unnecessary emails, unsolicited phone calls, access to porn, bullying over social media. To name just a few.

There are some great aspects to life now. There were some great aspects to life then. The important lesson we can take from the past is to learn from the mistakes and errors of our way. Society can always better itself. And we can start today.

How will you choose to make today better?



Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

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