Health and wellbeing, Melbourne

Let’s sparkle

The sky here in Melbourne has just turned from a dull and ugly grey to snippets of blue brilliance. And then back to dull again. It’s a real Melbourne kind of day, I guess.

I can’t help but wonder, what does brilliance mean to you?

Do you think of a sparkly diamond, or sporting prowess? Do you think of shiny eye-catching gleams of sunlight or someone whose intellect is beyond amazing? Or a person, their skills or their personality, perhaps someone who’s had a positive impact in the world. Maybe it’s a word that is thrown around, like glitter. You know, something like, ‘Oh, that’s brilliant!’

What does the word mean to me?

When I looked up the word on an online dictionary (too lazy to get off my bum to find the actual Collins Dictionary), I saw it described as ‘intense brightness of light’ or ‘exceptional talent or intellect’. I don’t think I’m ever going to be described as having an exceptional talent and I definitely will never have exceptional intellect, so I decided to consider the description of brilliance as an intense brightness of light.

How can I bring brilliance into my life? I choose to sparkle in my dealings with those around me. I choose to scatter it so that the light pervades others, it becomes contagious.

Let’s sparkle, let’s be brilliant together.


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