Musings from Melbourne

The Waves


I sit on the sixth floor of a building on St Kilda Rd. As I eat my lunch I gaze out the window. Through the spaces between buildings I can see the ocean, so close I can make out the ripples in the tide as the waves break onto the beach.

I am alone though the room is full. Chatter, scraping cutlery and the beep beep beep of a microwave are the sounds that accompany my rambling thoughts.

The quiet and being alone doesn’t bother me today, although sometimes it does. Why today? Why am I comfortable with my own company? I do not have the answer but I suspect it might be linked to the calming effect of watching the ocean.

There is a sense of peace that overcomes me when I see the water lapping the beach. I feel calm. I remember that any concerns and worries will be like the waves: not constant.

Whatever hits us will not be ceaseless. It will drag away back into the swell of life.

Have a great day everyone.