Longing for the Halcyon Days

Yesterday, Hubster sent me a link to an article that made my hair curl. Note: my hair is actually curly, but I straighten it every day.

The article was published by The Daily Caller and reports that a local council area in Britain has approved education lessons that teaches school children all genders can menstruate. Here’s the link if you’re interested to read further: https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/16/british-school-boys-period-transgender/

Say what now?

I am all for people living their lives however they choose. Frankly, who other people love doesn’t bother me at all. I teach my children that men can love men, and women can love women. I teach them that different isn’t wrong, it is just different.

I will also not bat an eyelid at those who are transgender. I understand some people have been born with the wrong genitalia, and I am truly glad that medicine has advanced so much that safe surgery, medicines, and ongoing treatment to correct such an issue is now available.

Disclaimer: if you read on, prepare for an unpopular view.

But I simply do not agree with gender being fluid. Not for the vast majority of society anyway. Gender is as fixed as fixed can be. A baby is either born with a penis or a vagina (OK, I know there are some exceptions, such as an hermaphrodite), and if that child, after growing into an adult feels that their bits are wrong, by all means, if possible, have surgery to make the necessary changes. Happy for you.

But, society is going to hell in a hand basket when we start teaching MINORS that both genders can have a period. My daughter is eight (the age noted in the corresponding article and even she doesn’t know much about menstruation yet), so I am perplexed at why the school is teaching this in the first place. It is, in my opinion, way too young an age for schools to be teaching such topics. And such a topic should be discussed initially by the parents, at an age appropriate level. I have no problem with schools teaching reproductive and sexual health, but not when students are eight years old. And not something that goes irrevocably against the science of biology.

I am also equally flummoxed about why anyone—male, female or transgender—would actually WANT to have a period. Trust me, I am at the tail end of my reproductive abilities and I am happy to assure anyone about the pain, both literal and metaphorical, of the monthly cycle. To say nothing of the cost of feminine hygiene products over the course of, say, forty-something years.

The article also mentioned something about reducing the stigma of having a period. I mean honestly, is nothing sacred anymore. Why must all aspects of life be discussed, brought out into the public arena. What is wrong with being discreet?

After reading this article, I wanted to get off the world. Or perhaps just wind the world back to the halcyon days where kids were allowed to be kids. A time where children weren’t weighed down by adult perceptions of right and wrong. We are doing our children a disservice if we think this kind of teaching makes them brighter, more psychologically savvy, and will grow into successful, functioning adults. I predict a future where adults are confused, totally fucked-up beyond all recognition, and in constant therapy to work out what thoughts they should follow and those they should ignore.

And maybe it’s a good thing I won’t be around to see it.


4 thoughts on “Longing for the Halcyon Days”

      1. I agree with what you have written. I fear in the hope of doing good people aren’t thinking through the potential ramifications. I wonder if the people encouraging this sort of policy change have real world experience raising children in a broad environmental setting and not just in a cloistered bubble of like-minded free thinkers.

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