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A mini-break over Christmas

I’m back from nearly a week in my hometown, Adelaide, for Christmas.

We drove, a long eight hours (at least, including stops) and arrived at my parents’ home in time for a lamb roast cooked on the Weber BBQ. On the days either side of Christmas, we did some sight-seeing around the outskirts of the city: McLaren Vale and Victor Harbor, and Birdwood and Hahndorf. On Christmas Day, we drove to my brother’s new home deep in the Adelaide Hills, a pretty cottage set upon a hill on a rambling property.

Christmas is a fraught time, wouldn’t you say? People are thrown together simply due to biology and made to get along, be nice, and eat copious amounts of food. I don’t see my two brothers often, so get-togethers at this time of year can feel forced. There is no issue between either of my brothers and me, but it’s still a weird concept now that we’re all adults. Most of the time, I’d choose to spend time with friends over family, and I’d wager that most of us are like that, but this year, Christmas was pretty nice. None of us had anywhere else to run off to, so we ate and drank and basically made merry. My kids made me proud, getting along with cousins they hardly ever see and remembering to say their pleases and thank yous.

On the day we were due to leave Adelaide, we rescued four kittens. Twin 2 found one in the gutter (at 6.15AM) while watering the garden with his grandpa. Then all three of my kidlets found the kitty siblings, further down the street. Mummy and Daddy Cat are both strays; Mummy Cat seemed wholly uninterested in her offspring, no doubt due to Daddy Cat just having a root then leaving. I phoned the RSPCA at 6.30AM, to my own parents’ horror (they wanted to move the kittens to a bin on a public oval just behind their house and let them die. I know…can scarcely believe their callous hearts myself), and finally got through some twenty minutes later. The RSPCA came after we’d left for home and took all four kittens. Hopefully they go to decent, kitty-loving homes very soon.

The drive home seemed to take fifteen days. It was stifling hot that day, and driving through the arid countryside between SA and Victoria made it seem hotter. We made it home, though, all of us tired, cranky, hot and stiff, but happy to walk through our front door.

How was Christmas in your neck of the woods?


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