Fiction, Writing

Getting back into it

I have spent the morning going over my manuscript. Finally, after a long month, I have got back to it.

There is still quite a lot of work to be done. A lot of abstract thoughts that aren’t yet coherent for the average reader. Much dramatising to be included. More feelings and thoughts and emotions of the protagonist, Michelle.

But I dived back in, and the water felt fine.

I guess, when disappointment hits any of us, we sometimes need to wallow. We need the time to acknowledge the ouch factor and time to just sit with all the awkwardness. Negative feelings and emotions always stir up thoughts of ‘why’ and the overwhelming desire to give in. And I reckon that’s acceptable as long as we don’t let those negative emotions take hold. Give ourselves a time-frame, and then…boom. Get back to it.

This was certainly my experience. I thought about giving in, or giving up. I felt disappointed and awkward and horrible and worthless.

But I’m back on the up and up now. The time to wallow was just what I needed.


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