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No idea

I admit it. I have no ideas. Time to acknowledge my terrible efforts in pitching my manuscript has had a much worse impact than I initially figured. I thought I wallowed long enough. I thought I was past it. But it's way bigger than that. I am struggling. I don't know what to write. I… Continue reading No idea

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The Waves

I sit on the sixth floor of a building on St Kilda Rd. As I eat my lunch I gaze out the window. Through the spaces between buildings I can see the ocean, so close I can make out the ripples in the tide as the waves break onto the beach. I am alone though… Continue reading The Waves

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Dreams and Nightmares

We all face difficulties in life. Agreed? Not one of us gets through living without facing obstacles. These can seem like mountains, sometimes only like an ant hill or an inconvenient stumble. It's how we respond to the difficulties that proves who we are, deep down. The other night, my son had a bad dream.… Continue reading Dreams and Nightmares


The worst pitch. Ever.

This time last week, I was bursting with enthusiasm and excitement. I was preparing to pitch my manuscript to a publisher. My fourth attempt, so I was hip to the process. Still anxious, still aware of the pitfalls. Not cocky, but feeling OK. I practiced my pitch with the group in the morning. I went… Continue reading The worst pitch. Ever.