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Thoughts on a new year

The new year brings a new perspective. That’s why many of us make resolutions. We strive to better ourselves, push our perceived boundaries, extend our minds.

Social media is full of memes about fresh beginnings or posts from friends wishing us a happier and healthier lifestyle. I wonder, how did we make our thoughts known before social media? The Christmas cards that we all sent contained a note for the new year, but besides that, what did we do. Surely we didn’t verbalise our thoughts and wishes? Imagine that, picking up a phone to have a conversation, or to meet with someone and not spend the time staring down at a device.

As we segue into 2019, I feel nostalgia for the past. Perhaps even a little sad, like the best years of my life are behind me. On an intellectual level, I know that life is what I make of it, but right now I am struggling with feeling old, tired and lost in the world. I’m not even hungover, as we stayed in last night, shared a bottle of prosecco and were in bed asleep by 10.45PM.

(Note: Hubster did just send me a photo of us from 2004, in our pre-children, early days of married life and love stage, so this may be the connection.)

However, as I noted already, a new year brings a new perspective. We cannot stop time, nor can we turn it back. The world keeps on turning and life keeps on living. I may be feeling old and sad, but I’m still breathing and I have a lot ahead of me to look forward to. As a firework cracks and sparkles and lights up the night sky, I will work to light up my life and the lives of those I love. I will invert my sad-sack feelings and focus on being alive. On being loved. On loving. On being a good friend and on choosing kindness…to others and myself.

Happy new year to you all!


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