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Grating on my nerves

Thanks Dr Kottoway for today’s word prompt! I have learned a new word: crepitus. The word is a medical term to describe the grating or feeling in a joint (eeew) with arthritis or after a botched surgery.

My joints are tired and, often, they don’t conform to my commands and movements with the ease they used to. I can still touch my toes, but there are creaks and strains as I do so. Getting up from the couch is an effort, sometimes I wonder if I need a crane.

However, I’m going to loosely define crepitus as a grating that comes from hearing the word ‘Mum’ over and over and over again, all before 9AM. My nerves are frayed, my heart is hard, my brain is wired. Someone send help! The holidays are killing me.

And as I noted above my joints, and body overall, is tired and creaky and straining, which means my patience is low.

All is not bad, however. This morning, I took the kidlets out to see a movie. And now we are home, they are quietly watching A Series of Unfortunate Events after a quick walk with our neighbour’s dog.

And the world is up the right way again. Although my body is still creaky!


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2 thoughts on “Grating on my nerves”

  1. It’s also associated with gas gangrene and feeling the gas collections in the muscle and under the skin. It’s pretty amazing. Sadly, when patients present with crepitus associated with gas gangrene it’s a really bad sign.

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