Health and wellbeing

Quest for a better life

I am on a quest to live life healthier.

To this end, I have given up alcohol—for the month of January, at least. We’ll see how my willpower holds after that!

Hubster too, has given up the enjoyment sipping a glass of wine. Neither of us have partook since January 1st. We are both already seeing the benefits: I am sleeping much better, experience no reflux-related waking in the middle of the night, and less trips to the loo overnight too. Hubster assures me he is sleeping better as well.

There is a lot of evidence-based research that shows the body’s benefits when a person ceases their alcohol intake. Alcohol contributes to liver and heart disease, according to healthdirect, an Australian government web-based initiative designed to give credible and reliable advice in all health concerns. It greatly increases the risk of a number of cancers. A quick look on that site tells me that Hubster and I are taking good steps to improve our health. Given my mum’s bypass surgery in 2017, and her own mother’s issues with heart disease, I need to ensure that my heart is healthy and working without unnecessary effort. The last time I had my blood pressure checked by my GP, it was high. I’ve never experienced that before; it’s always been at textbook levels.

Add to our break from the wine, Hubster has also been walking more than forty minutes each day. On waking, he throws back the sheet and, with a sigh, swings himself out to dress and hit the pavement. I join him some days, dragging our three kids in tow. We trudge about the neighbourhood. Our girl holds either my hand or her dad’s and chats non-stop, our boys bring up the rear engaged in conversations that can only be enjoyed by 11 year old boys. I puff as I pace up small inclines. I can’t carry a conversation while walking. Every part of my body hurts. But I know it will get better.

And this morning, I had a kindly experience with the scales in my bathroom. Two kilos have shifted, disappeared. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the number glaring back at me go down, I can tell you.

So far, so good.


*This is NOT going to turn into a health and weight loss-related blog, just in case you’re worried 🙂


Image sourced: healthdirect